Stagira & Aristotle’s Park

Ancient Stagira

Ancient Stagira, birthplace of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher of antiquity, teacher of Alexander the Great, is located about 500 m southeast of the village Olimpiada, above a small, mountainous peninsula, which is called “Liotopi”. Stagira was founded by colonists from Andros around 655 BC in the eastern mountainous neck of Halkidiki, while later arrived there and settlers from Halkida.

In ancient sources there are accurate references for the location of the city: they place Stagira north of Akanthos in a seaside place opposite of it is a small island called “Kapros“. According to tradition, people of Stagira transported and buried there the bones of Aristotle. In honor of this great man they established a great feast, called “Aristotelia”

Aristotle’s Park

Aristotle’s park is located in Stagira. The Theme park is located in an outstanding area with a marvellous view towards the gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. When the weather is clear you can see some of the monasteries on Mount Athos using the telescopes there.

It also includes a series of other instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. All of this is dedicated to the famous philosopher and his work called “the Natural”. Solar clock, Lens, Compass, Pentaphone, Optical Discs, Pendulum, Water turbine, Inertia spheres, Parabolic reflectors and Telescopes are waiting to be discovered!!!

Sightseeing Info:

  • Archaeological site
  • monument
  • Park of History
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