At a distance of 70km. away frome Niriides Luxury Apartments, just before the city of Kavala, is the ancient city of Philippi, the most important archaeological site in eastern Macedonia, with characteristic monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian period.

The history of Philippi begins in 360/359 BC when settlers from Thasos founded the first city named Krinides. In 356 BC the city receives the threat of the Thracians, and therefore asked the help of Philip II, who, foreseeing the economic and strategic importance of the city (was in control of the gold mines of Mount Pangaion), occupied and fortified the city with strong walls and gave it his name. Philip built in Philippi an amazing theater, while some time later using the gold mine has cut the famous currency, the Philippion.

In Roman times and after the civil war battle of Philippi in 42 BC, where the army democratic Brutus and Cassius clashed with the army of the triumvirate of leaders Antony and Octavian, a new period of growth started for Philippi. The city is of particular importance because of its position on Via Egnatia, colonized by the Romans and new buildings were erected such as the agora, the aqueduct, the arena and many temples and innumerable statues and monuments that rise and adorn the streets and town houses.

A really important date for Philippi was the year 49 or 50 AD, when Apostle Paul, accompanied by Silas, Timothy and Luke visited Philippi and founded the first Christian church in Europe. This highlighted the city of Philippi as a metropolis of Christianity.

During the Byzantine period, approximately 963-969 AD, rebuilt the city walls and built the towers and the wall of the citadel.


Sightseeing Info:

  • Archaeological site
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