Vrasna is one of the most beautiful villages of Strymonikos. It is amphitheatrical built on a green slope at the foot of Kerdyllia and is characterized by its traditional houses, who travels the visitor to past decades.

The history of the village of Vrasna is lost in deep history. Many traces of habitation and existence of life already from the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. have been found.

Visitors of Vrasna worth visiting the Folklore Museum housed in the old Primary School, the Byzantine castle that stands next to the village church and the “Moutsara” the old aqueduct of the village.

If you are in early January and mid-August you should visit Vrasna. The “Tsigarida” feast in the winter and the festival in the grace of the Virgin Mary in the summer will compensate you!!!

Sightseeing Info:

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