In the area called “Valta”, in Paralia Vrasna (Vrasna Beach), each year in late March, the earth is flooded with wildflowers (the locals called them Kafkanas).

Put on your galoshes and walk carefully between them. You can cut some just “to welcome the spring”, but be careful not to uproot. The bulb should remain on earth to find them there next year.

In April and May can be found in the region, but also in various parts of Vrasna and Nea Vrasna, the favorite and endangered orchids. Over 10 species found in our area!

1136 species of plants have been recorded by Management Organization Lakes Koronia Volvi and Macedonian Tempe National Park, where Vrasna belong.

Come to discover the wildflowers and to take some great photos!!!

Sightseeing Info:

  • Observation and Photographing of Flora
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